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Master HL7® FHIR® for Your Next Project

How can we rapidly apply FHIR in our project?​

HL7 FHIR has quickly becoming the dominant standard in healthcare IT for new products and projects.  Unfortunately, many teams struggle to learn FHIR on their own. Jumping into it alone proves daunting. So, what options are there to get started?

Give your team the skills they need to master FHIR

Helios Software offers personalized on-site training for any organization interested in implementing and using FHIR. Steve Munini, the company’s CEO, CTO, and founder, hosts the training. Steve founded Helios Software with a passion for the opportunities that FHIR, especially SMART on FHIR, will bring to the industry. He has been active in HL7 FHIR Connectathons and other FHIR events.

Our FHIR training course takes place over two days and is designed for hands-on developers and implementers. It takes a person with little or no knowledge on FHIR and equips them with the foundation they need to accomplish their goals. The course is best delivered to teams of developers who may be working together immediately after to initiate a FHIR project. Teams will learn the FHIR standard, implementation strategies, and developer-focused skills for getting started.

Spend more time building great healthcare solutions and less time ramping up.

About Your Instructor

Steve Munini


Steve Munini creates FHIR training sessions with a personal touch. Steve is a software engineer with over 15 years of Health IT experience. As a hands-on technical architect, Steve is the lead developer of the Helios FHIR Server, a commercial grade implementation of the HL7 FHIR standard that runs on Apache Cassandra. Steve has worked in numerous organizations as CTO or in a technical executive leadership role. Steve has developed a variety of solutions with FHIR.

He actively contributes to the FHIR community, participating in FHIR Connectathons and other FHIR events. Steve created this training for developers to gain a mastery of FHIR basics faster.

“The class was very informative and educational. It really helped demystify FHIR and our options for leveraging it.”

Project Leader

What You Will Learn

Sample FHIR Training Agenda

FHIR training will give your team the advantage they need. We’ll cater the training session to your team’s knowledge of the technology. We offer FHIR training for beginners, intermediate users, and advanced developers. Below is a sample agenda, if you want a more relevant agenda for your team, don’t hesitate to contact us.





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