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The Helios FHIR Server is a commercial-grade, clinical data solution based on the HL7® FHIR® standard and runs on Apache Cassandra™, a robust, high availability, distributed database.

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Why Apache CassandraTM?

The Helios FHIR Server leverages Cassandra’s web-scale technology to power healthcare applications that require both real-time application performance and analytical capabilities using FHIR.

As HL7 FHIR gained popularity, we recognized the importance of storing, retrieving, and working with FHIR in a highly performant manner. The Helios FHIR Server uniquely allows users to perform rigorous and complex FHIR analytical workloads while simultaneously offering extremely performant reads and writes of native FHIR resources.

Scale-out NoSQL for any FHIR workload

The Helios FHIR server uniquely uses Cassandra to enhance FHIR product development and regulatory requirement efforts. Cassandra is ideally suited to tackle some of healthcare’s toughest design challenges. Cassandra is linearly scalable, meaning that the capacity or scalability of a Cassandra cluster can be increased by adding new nodes.

Cassandra’s design as a fast, linearly scalable distributed database offers:

For a deeper understanding of how Cassandra can scale in this manner, we would recommend watching DataStax’s free online course: Introduction to Apache Cassandra™

Cassandra is linearly scalable
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The Helios FHIR Server offers unique scaling capabilities thanks to Apache CassandraTM.  Cassandra is ideally suited to tackle healthcare’s toughest problems.

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We leverage Apache Cassandra’s NoSQL web-scale technology to power healthcare applications that require both real-time application performance and analytical capabilities using FHIR.

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At Helios Software, we value the communities that develop from technological advancement. Connect with healthcare professionals through various channels, including our LinkedIn Group of over 2,500 of the industry’s leading Health IT developers and architects.

Powered by Apache KarafTM

Healthcare is a large domain, and the FHIR Specification is a standard that not only enables industry-wide interoperability, but provides a specification of a modern healthcare platform for the entire industry.

Apache Karaf provides polymorphic applications runtime for the enterprise, running on premise or on cloud.  The Helios FHIR Server modularizes the FHIR Specification into extensible Karaf bundles, enabling you to run only those that are required of your application design or healthcare regulatory requirements.

A Modular Healthcare Platform for the 21st Century

Helios FHIR Server Modular Bundles:

Independently Tested

The Helios FHIR Server is tested by independent sources, like Touchstone from AEGIS.net, Inc., to ensure the product meets the FHIR specification. Helios Software has worked to ensure reliability so you never have to worry. Click here to see our public results as tested by Touchstone.

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