We help organizations confidently engage in new healthcare technology product development projects. Our skilled consultants offer engineering experience and professional practices to help you create and maintain projects that serve both patients, providers and administrators.

New Product Development

We design, build, and launch elegant products built on a foundation of secure, resilient technical frameworks. Our engineers leverage new technology to deliver competitive products that are aligned with your organization’s goals.

Additional Expertise

Helios also specializes in turnaround work, transforming projects by implementing the necessary software processes and adding key engineering leadership to produce excellent products on schedule.

If you are new to FHIR®


Our team can help you develop innovative products that deliver continuous value with incredible interoperability.


We offer on-site workshops led by skilled engineers to teach you how to use the HL7® FHIR® standard and the SMART on FHIR® platform.

Proof of Concept

We build software products that liberate data and increase functionality using the FHIR® standard as a foundational technology.